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The Mr. T Experience ….And The Women Who Love Them


Really cute songs here… I would say it merges 60’s, school, love, bar and other good things =) Notice song “King Dork”, it is a good one and also there is a book written after it. No really cool album. When I get rating system for this site I will rate 5 stars for sure =)

  1. Tapin’ Up My Heart
  2. My Stupid Life
  3. I Believe In You
  4. All My Promises
  5. Checkers Speech
  6. We Hate All The Same Things
  7. Now That You Are Gone
  8. How’d The Date End?
  9. Alternative Is Here To Stay
  10. You Today
  11. New Girlfriend
  12. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  13. Unpack Your Adjectives
  14. Sackcloth And Ashes (Demo)
  15. Semi-OK
  16. Is There Something I Should Know?
  17. We Are The Future People Of Tomorrow
  18. Whistle Bait
  19. Crash
  20. Another Yesterday (Demo)
  21. You Alone
  22. Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart
  23. As Life Goes On, You Get More And More Out Of It
  24. King Dork
  25. I Was Losing You All Along

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