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  • Crash Diagnostic: Classical pop-punk of American 90's. Sounds like early Offspring or Green Day, but female-vocals...
  • Altamont '99: Another great album by "J church". Soft pop punk which sounds like... mmm don't really know band...
  • New Day Rising: My favorite husker du's album! Great post-punk band from USA! They are mixing genres and that's what...


Hello Again


Here’s a rare split by Sweet baby and Brent’s TV. It includes these bands best songs and you will hardly find anything else from them on the internet… They are playing soft soft pop punk, like the Ramones probably… There are a few acoustic versions of the songs even…

  1. Andorra
  2. Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby (I Love You)
  3. She’s So Fine
  4. Loving Every Girl In The World
  5. The Way She Gets Around (Traction)
  6. Three Inch Smile
  7. There’s This Girl
  8. Year After Year
  9. Saw You At The Movies
  10. Find A New Love
  11. Certified American
  12. (I Can’t Get Across To) San Francisco
  13. Lets All Go To Europe
  14. Loves On The Doorstep
  15. Somewhere In Germany
  16. Why
  17. Just Call Me Baby
  18. I’m Gonna Get That Girl
  19. I Call It My Heart
  20. Baby I Love You
  21. She’s Coming Over
  22. Standing In Line
  23. Hick-Up
  24. Closer To The Equator
  25. She’s So Hot
  26. Superwoman
  27. Because I Love Her
  28. Bright Lights
  29. Candyshop
  30. Co-Op
  31. D.D.D’s
  32. Freeway
  33. Everybody’s Baby
  34. She Don’t Love Me
  35. Talk About You
  36. In January
  37. Elite Manilla
  38. Sometimes
  39. Two Bit Baby
  40. Train

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