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  • Vee Vee: Another album. Harnessed in slums really kicking! Lots of riffs, strong and simple... Step ...
  • Half Fiction: Their most popular album. I would say that it's theirs most well-done album, but not their best....
  • Extra Medium Kick Ball Star (17): It seems more pop than other fifteen. But these are hot rocks as well. Has interesting hidden tr...


Hello Again

Here’s a rare split by Sweet baby and Brent’s TV. It includes these bands best songs and you will hardly find anything else from them on the internet… They are playing soft soft pop punk, like the Ramones probably… There are a few acoustic versions of the songs even…

Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby […]

New Day Rising

My favorite husker du’s album! Great post-punk band from USA! They are mixing genres and that’s what I like about them. It takes rock’n’roll, hard rock, punk and garage and brings it together. Well finally sounds like Joy Division or Dinosaur Jr. =) My favorites here are “Books about Ufos” and “Terms Of Psychic Warfare”.

New […]

Zen Arcade

Husker’s most famous album. I won’t agree with publicity but it includes 23 good songs of post-punk… The best here is “Chartered trips”!

Something I Learned Today

Broken Home, Broken Heart

Never Talking To You Again
Chartered Trips
Dreams Reoccurring
Indecision Time
Hare Krsna
Beyond The Threshold
I’ll Never Forget You
The Biggest Lie
What’s Going On
Masochism World
Standing By The Sea
One Step At A Time
Pink Turns […]

Everything Falls Apart And More

Old album by Husker. That’s a classical post-punk. Mostly I love “Gravity” solo at the end of the song…

From The Gut
Blah, Blah, Blah

Punch Drunk


Afraid Of Being Wrong

Sunshine Superman

Signals From Above
Everything Falls Apart



In A Free Land

What Do I Want?
Let’s Go Die
Do You Remember?

Metal Circus

One of husker’s first EPs… Their old sound. I recommend song “Diane” from this.

Real World
Deadly Skies
It’s Not Funny Anymore
First Of The Last Calls


Out On A Limb

Flip Your Wig

Early american post-punk. This band sounds like Dinosaur Jr. probably but more punky. My favorite song on this album is simply “Flip your wig” =)

Flip Your Wig

Every Everything
Makes No Sense At All
Hate Paper Doll
Green Eyes
Divide And Conquer
Find Me

The Baby Song

Flexible Flyer
Private Plane
Keep Hanging On
The Wit And The Wisdom
Don’t Know Yet

Chinese Telephones

New band which keep the sound of 90’s punk rock. Music is similar to Dillinger Four…

I Can’t Be Right

Tell Me Tell Me

Waiting for You
Back To You Again
Stay Around
Live Like This
Keep Smiling
I Think I Can Breathe Now
In Due Time
This Time Next Year
Crying In the Chapel
It’s Starting Again

Double Nickels On The Dime

Here we have a post-punk. Really original band sounds like no one else. Really short songs (43) on this album… I would call this style punk blues if you listen you will understand what I am talking about. It is their most famous album for sure. Interesting band… Look at the song names at least, […]


It was the very first punk album I ever bought in my life. That time I’ve heard for the first time “smells like teen spirit” on the TV, went to the nearest shop and bought a random Nirvana’s album, which was there, cause I didn’t remember the song name already =) So my first impression […]

The Precession Of Simulacra. The Map Preceeds The Territory

Yes this is a little tiny album, but don’t miss it. These songs are great. You will love “Fascist radio”, “why I liked bikini kill”… Cool pop punk from San Francisco!

Fascist Radio
Case Number
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Stupid Lesson
Lama Temple
Why I Liked Bikini Kill
Part of the Problem