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  • Flip Your Wig: Early american post-punk. This band sounds like Dinosaur Jr. probably but more punky. My favorit...
  • Cheshire Cat: Blinks are Blinks... And that's their best album! I think they found their own style, which can'...
  • Buddha: The first album by Blink also made at home but after reissued at a studio. Great tracks... fast ...


Demo 2


Blink’s second demo. Most tracks from the first one moved here, but the quality is better anyway. Though album cover is missing =).

  1. Marlboro man
  2. Time
  3. Tv
  4. Degenerate
  5. Untitled 1
  6. Better days
  7. Sometimes
  8. Point of view
  9. Romeo and Rebecca
  10. My pet Sally
  11. Reebok commercial
  12. Untitled 2

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