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  • Night Shift At The Thrill Factory: Their early album. Not that romantic, but anyway has good punk songs as "At Gilman Street" or "W...
  • Metal Circus: One of husker's first EPs... Their old sound. I recommend song "Diane" from this. Real World...
  • Altamont '99: Another great album by "J church". Soft pop punk which sounds like... mmm don't really know band...




The first album by Blink also made at home but after reissued at a studio. Great tracks… fast and melodic. “Carousel” is awesome! Most of these tracks were moved to Cheshire Cat but they have different sound.

  1. Carousel
  2. T.V.
  3. Strings
  4. Fentoozler
  5. Time
  6. Romeo & Rebecca
  7. 21 Days
  8. Sometimes
  9. Point of View
  10. My Pet Sally
  11. Reebok Commercial
  12. Toast And Bananas
  13. The Girl Next Door
  14. Don’t

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