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  • Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues: Fast and furious punk rock about life of a man today. They have their own style? that's good, bu...
  • Everything Falls Apart And More: Old album by Husker. That's a classical post-punk. Mostly I love "Gravity" solo at the end of th...
  • New Day Rising: My favorite husker du's album! Great post-punk band from USA! They are mixing genres and that's what...


Extra Medium Kick Ball Star (17)


It seems more pop than other fifteen. But these are hot rocks as well. Has interesting hidden tracks.

  1. Front
  2. Chris’ song
  3. Run II
  4. Deal
  5. Grow Up
  6. Emmancipation Proclimation
  7. Over & Over
  8. Intelligence
  9. Jesus
  10. Rainbow Connection
  11. Violation II
  12. Liberation II
  13. Did You Know
  14. Compilation
  15. Roadie Revolution
  16. Here By the shore
  17. Algebra
  18. WindFall
  19. Johnny Come Lately
  20. Trustfund Junkie
  21. Tourmaline
  22. GW Bush Mix

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