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  • Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues: Fast and furious punk rock about life of a man today. They have their own style? that's good, bu...
  • New Day Rising: My favorite husker du's album! Great post-punk band from USA! They are mixing genres and that's what...
  • Our Bodies Our Selves: Mr. T classics. Cute as usual. "Personality Seminar" is a catchy song. "Even Hitler had a girlfr...


The Precession Of Simulacra. The Map Preceeds The Territory

Yes this is a little tiny album, but don’t miss it. These songs are great. You will love “Fascist radio”, “why I liked bikini kill”… Cool pop punk from San Francisco!

Fascist Radio
Case Number
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Stupid Lesson
Lama Temple
Why I Liked Bikini Kill
Part of the Problem

The Horror of Life

I think it is the last album by J Church… Not like all other J church, but good as well. Style changed a bit but different doesn’t mean worse, yeah?! =)

Vampire Girl Prefers Me Alive
Eric Dolphy
If I Have to Dance Then I Don’t Want Your Revolution
The Horror of Life
New Ho Chi Mihn City
Secular Music
The World’s […]

Camels, Spilled Corona and the Sound of Mariachi Bands

Pop punk from San Francisco… J church is a politically oriented band playing different songs which sound simple, pop but original.

Katrina and Paul

Girl In a Magazine

Favorite Phrase

Sound of Mariachi Bands

Had It Right

Arbor Vitae

This J Church LP includes cool songs “cigarettes kill” and “Racked”. Recommended for those who like pop punk and rock’n’roll.

Cigarettes Kill
Drinking Down
Church On Fire
Your Shirt
Disposed To Femininity
Contempt For Modesty
Smoke In My Face
Waiting On The Ground
Mr. Backrub
Stinking Seas

Altamont ’99

Another great album by “J church”. Soft pop punk which sounds like… mmm don’t really know band like them =) but… probably Mr. T but faster!

I Would For You
Transvestite Show

Your Shirt


Without A Single Word

Church On Fire


Girlfriend In A Coma
Mary’s Moving Out

You Fucking Trick

The Dramatic History Of A Boring Town


Waiting On The Ground
Ayn Rand Is Dead
College […]

Nostalgic for Nothing

J church is a San Francisco pop punk band playing energetic soft melodic music. Music is good for skating or cycling =) That’s their best album for sure.

My Favorite Place
Ivy League College
Tide Of Fate
On Dying Alone
About The She

As I Lie…

You Almost Feel Sad

Not Given Lightly
Living With The Dreaming Body
Cool Guitar Girl
No Doves Fly Here
Band You […]