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  • Milk, Milk, Lemonade: Only too good album! It has my favorite Mr. T's song "I Love you But you are Standing on my Foot...
  • Revenge Is Sweet, And So Are You: Frank Portman and his band make another cute session.  The name of this album tells clearly abou...
  • Bivouac: Superb album. Love it! Check out "Chesterfield king", "Shield your eyes", "You don't know...". A...


Half Fiction

Their most popular album. I would say that it’s theirs most well-done album, but not their best. Anyway it’s a fair American punk rock with sound like early Green Day or something…

Half Fiction
Clap and Cough
Torn Jeans
Am I Missing Something
City Bleach
Pocket Bomb

Toxic Home

The Usual Bad
Dreamt This Was a Castle
On the Counter
Is it OK

Crash Diagnostic

Classical pop-punk of American 90’s. Sounds like early Offspring or Green Day, but female-vocals and society oriented texts.

Broken to Blue
Age of Spitting
Math Won’t Miss You
Harder to Tell 5
Untitled 1
Behind Curtain #
T.V. Kiss
Sleeping Motor Boy
Black and White Can’t Capture Red and Blue
Untitled 2
The Kill Fix

Love, Billy

Rare album by Discount. Nevermind this, it’s good. Just listen to the song “Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards”…

Accident Waiting To Happen
Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards
A Pict Song
Help Save The Youth Of America
North Sea Bubble

Ataxia’s Alright Tonight

Energetic 90’s punk rock from California-like with a girl-vocals. This band has to many “waiting…” songs, though they are all good.

Waiting by the Wayside
Malarie’s Mission
K.V. T-shirt
Half the Time
Lights Out
The Sun Comes Up
Her Last Day
No Surprise
Tomorrow Will Be
Everybody Everybody
It’s the End of the World