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  • Metal Circus: One of husker's first EPs... Their old sound. I recommend song "Diane" from this. Real World...
  • Buzz: This is a 2006 reissued version of the album. Don't miss "Helter Smelter" track and "Food not Bo...
  • Adolescents: Dirty voice and chords. This band is something between Descendents and Minor Threat. Famous pop ...




A hard to find album. Was issued when fifteen experienced problems with their label. But music is juicy as usual. Has popular track “Parking lots”.

  1. Middle
  2. Armed Gangs
  3. Whore
  4. Famous
  5. No
  6. Nancy’s Song
  7. Circles
  8. Parking Lots
  9. Stolen Smiles
  10. Song #14
  11. Back
  12. My Freind II
  13. The End II

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