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Random Treasure

  • Broken Star: Classical pop punk of 90's. Has strong political notes. My favorite songs are "15 minutes" and "...
  • Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood: Includes lots of live records and demos, but these were bands best years. So it's like pre-relea...
  • Buddha: The first album by Blink also made at home but after reissued at a studio. Great tracks... fast ...


Double Nickels On The Dime

Here we have a post-punk. Really original band sounds like no one else. Really short songs (43) on this album… I would call this style punk blues if you listen you will understand what I am talking about. It is their most famous album for sure. Interesting band… Look at the song names at least, […]


It was the very first punk album I ever bought in my life. That time I’ve heard for the first time “smells like teen spirit” on the TV, went to the nearest shop and bought a random Nirvana’s album, which was there, cause I didn’t remember the song name already =) So my first impression […]