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Random Treasure

  • Metal Circus: One of husker's first EPs... Their old sound. I recommend song "Diane" from this. Real World...
  • Demo 2: Blink's second demo. Most tracks from the first one moved here, but the quality is better anyway...
  • Ataxia's Alright Tonight: Energetic 90's punk rock from California-like with a girl-vocals. This band has to many "waiting...


Our Bodies Our Selves

Mr. T classics. Cute as usual. “Personality Seminar” is a catchy song. “Even Hitler had a girlfriend” also really hyped.

Somebody Who Cares
Love Manifesto
The Dustbin Of History
Personality Seminar
Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend
Bridge To Taribithia
I Feel Love
More Than Toast
Swallow Everything
Not Guilty
Game Over
Will You Still Love Me When I Don’t Love You?
Together […]

Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood

Includes lots of live records and demos, but these were bands best years. So it’s like pre-released collection. And it has Blondie’s cover “X offender” which is actually better than original. Mr. T generally can take a sad song and make it better ;). Another good example is “Love American Style”.

Up and Down
On the Team
At […]

The Mr. T Experience ….And The Women Who Love Them

Really cute songs here… I would say it merges 60’s, school, love, bar and other good things =) Notice song “King Dork”, it is a good one and also there is a book written after it. No really cool album. When I get rating system for this site I will rate 5 stars for sure […]

Love Is Dead

Mr. T Experience is for young souls. Almost all songs about love, school and failure. I like this band for these ideas. If I were a girl I would love their lead-man – Frank. He seems honest human-being =) This album is one of their best, sounds cute and drivy.

Sackcloth and Ashes
Ba Ba Ba Ba […]

24 Hour Revenge Therapy

Great album from Jaws as usual. Take a look at “The Boat Dreams from the Hill”, “Boxcar”, “Do You Still Hate Me?”.

The Boat Dreams from the Hill
Ashtray Monument
Condition Oakland
Do You Still Hate Me?
West Bay Invitational
Jinx Removing
In Sadding Around

Dear You

On this album highlites are “Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault”, “Oyster”, “Chemistry”. Sounds more modern, than other Jawbreaker. But again music is still really unique.

Save Your Generation
I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both
Accident Prone
Lurker II: Dark Son of Night
Jet Black
Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault
Sluttering (May 4th)
Unlisted Track


Superb album. Love it! Check out “Chesterfield king”, “Shield your eyes”, “You don’t know…”. All songs are different… And it has Jawbreaker’s hand… smart texts, indie sound, leaving classical punk basics for a new experimental sound. Like generally Jawbreaker for their intention to rock and think…

Shield Your Eyes
Chesterfield King
Face Down
P.S. New York Is Burning
Like a […]


Unfun is a great Jawbreaker album, featuring their first songs. Tunes are rich and fair. Especially I like “Want”, the brightest song here with a poetic text. I am sure Jawbreaker was a lead punk rock band at that time playing their own style, which had lots of fans and followers… They didn’t get that […]


The first album by Blink also made at home but after reissued at a studio. Great tracks… fast and melodic. “Carousel” is awesome! Most of these tracks were moved to Cheshire Cat but they have different sound.

Romeo & Rebecca
21 Days
Point of View
My Pet Sally
Reebok Commercial
Toast And Bananas
The Girl Next Door

Extra Medium Kick Ball Star (17)

It seems more pop than other fifteen. But these are hot rocks as well. Has interesting hidden tracks.

Chris’ song
Run II
Grow Up
Emmancipation Proclimation
Over & Over
Rainbow Connection
Violation II
Liberation II
Did You Know
Roadie Revolution
Here By the shore
Johnny Come Lately
Trustfund Junkie
GW Bush Mix